Temporary Insurance Explained

September 6th, 2014

Most of the car insurance policies runs through 12 months. Not everyone need such a long cover for the vehicle they want to insure. For instance if you borrow a friend’s car, you cannot insure it for a whole year yet your will use it for some fewdays A short term insurance policy runs for a short period of time mostly between one to twenty eight days. This ensures that you don’t pay for more cover than you need. It is also an assurance that any claim made by other people on a separate short term policy does not affect any of your no-claim discount. This policy is helpful to individuals who want to borrow a car for a short while such a weekend trip or those who wish to share the driving with a companion on a long trip. It is cheaper than adding another driver’s name on your policy of course.

Most insurers cover drivers who are aged 18-75 for other policies. But for the short term policy most have fixed the minimum age as 21, so getting temporary car insurance under 25 is possible.. Some other factors such as claim history, car conviction cases and driving licenses are considered before a short term cover is issued. In UK, for a driver to get a short term cover, he/she must have a full UK driving license. Though recently some firms are accepting provisional and European license holders.

Arranging for a short term cover is quite quick and easy. Online applications are available. The application is almost instantly processed. It is therefore convenient to insure a new car so that you can drive it immediately or when you have borrowed a car or rented a car for a single day.

TEMPORARY VEHICLE INSURANCE policies are useful in the following circumstances:

· When you are helping to teach someone how to drive. Short Term Motor Cover will eliminate the risk of putting your no-claims discount by adding a learner driver to your policy.

· When your son or daughter is on vacation and want to borrow the family car.

· When you rent a car for some few days.

· When you have a guest who wants to be driving the family car.

· Temporally ownership of a vehicle

Temporary automobile covers offers almost the same insurance cover as any other long term cover. The difference arises from the fact that the policy is quoted for a specific period of time and cannot be automatically renewed.

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There are several benefits that come with a Short Term Motor Insurance. The major advantage is that they are cost effective. They are cheap and eliminate the struggle and follow-up seeking refund when one cancels a policy that he/she does not require. Another advantage is they are easy to get since they don’t involve a lot of procedures. They are even available online unlike the traditional policies. Most insurance websites provides you with a printed policy document after you apply. They are also available at your insurance agent.

Short term policies, also referred to as day insurance have done away with the tiresome task of amending your car insurance cover for those times when you require a few days cover for another vehicle.